What are the odds?

There are no coincidences with God!

Malnutrition in toddlers leads to aggression in teens.  My husband and I are adopting from Burundi, East Africa.  We learned that fact in an adoption class and it stuck in my brain.  I couldn’t imagine being matched with our child, wondering if they were getting enough to eat.  No parent could willingly watch their child go hungry, whether they’re sitting in your lap, or across an ocean.  So I prayed.  “God, please help me feed my child while we’re waiting to bring them home.”

I host a Christian radio show and after hurricane Harvey we held a one-day fundraiser, partnering with Feed the Hungry to fill semi-trucks with supplies for Texas.  I didn’t know much about the ministry or its President, Stefan Radelich.  Throughout the morning I peppered Stefan with questions, including what countries they serve.  He rattled off a long list, but I interrupted when he got to  Burundi.  “We’re adopting from there!”  I exclaimed.  He showed me photos from his last trip, describing the beauty of the place.

Suddenly God gave me boldness. “If I gave you the name of an orphanage, could you go there?”  he quickly said yes, as if I was asking him to run to the grocery store for a gallon of milk.  He said it would be no problem for a team member to make sure the kids were well fed and cared for.  I could barely speak.  What are the odds?  How many people could I sit next to that would  have the connections and ability to get food to a specific orphanage in the third poorest country in the world?  God answered my prayer and reminded me that although my child is an ocean away, they have a Father that loves them more than I can fathom.

Alison Storm

Host, HIS Radio



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