The Hancocks Are In The Hanger!

We are the Hancocks, Kenny, Jocelyn, Keira, and Layla. In December 2018 we met Dr.Tim Huggins at a two-day church conference. Tim is the president of the College of Missionary Aviation and after the first day, we thought it would be cool to partner with the college. Kenny, at the time was a children’s minister and had been for the last 9 years. Our children’s ministry area is called “The Hangar”. So, how cool would it be to showcase missionary aviation and the importance of missionary pilots. By the end of the second day, God said, “You will go there. This is your next IT.” We were shocked at this revelation because we loved where we were and were not expecting to leave. On our trip home from the conference we discussed what it would look like to leave our church, move our family, and how would we ever be able to afford missionary aviation training. This was crazy. Not a normal crazy. It was an idea that only God could dream up. Family and friends have been praying for us and a few have even shared a song or two. One song was Crazy Faith. We found it awesome that your logo is a plane pulling a camper. It just seemed to fit. In March we decided to take a trip to the College of Missionary Aviation in Keystone Heights, Florida. We knew the moment we stepped on campus we would know without a doubt that this was our next step. We arrived at the college and immediately felt like we were home. Through the course of the day, we discussed many things about the college. Our plan was to start college in January 2019. God’s plan was for us to start in July of 2018! The college had already placed us on the roster for July, to which we replied that there was no way we could have everything ready for us to move by July. The college president responded with, “You can’t have everything ready, God will have it ready.” OKAY……..God, your will not ours. We were a week into March. We had to sell tons of stuff, including our house, and figure out how to tell our church family that we were leaving. It turns out that our house was worth $14,900 more than we were expecting, sold for $5,000 more than we were asking and sold in only four days. Our church was beyond supportive. Sad that we were leaving, but excited for what God was doing. On June 10th Kenny was commissioned and we were sent as missionaries from our church. By God’s grace, we are 60 % supported each month. We are here in Keystone Heights now. The Hancocks are officially in the Hangar. Kenny is a month into college and training. We are building a community among the other college students and families. Living out each step of crazy faith that has carried us this far and will continue to carry us to the ends of the earth as we go and share the gospel with all creation. Mark 16:15

Thanks, Kenny and Jocelyn

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