Taylor’s Story *Part 1

On Christmas Eve 2010, I had the most beautiful birth experience.  Born to us was a gorgeous, dark haired, big-eyed, baby girl.  The moment I first held her, I felt our souls knit together.  This wee girl, that weighed in at 5 lbs. 10 oz., looked straight into my eyes, like we were long-time friends.  We named her Taylor Faith.

Taylor was the perfect baby, she was so very perky, rarely cried.  She had her family wrapped, quite tightly, around her finger.  She grew as most babies do, but one thing in particular stood out to us.  She was a petite child, but her tummy seemed to outgrow the rest of her.  She had always had it, so i tried not to think about it much.  One day, when I was giving her a bath, she reminded me of a starving child from a third world country.  Her belly was HUGE.  I dismissed it, but the mommy sense that whispers to you something wasn’t right, wouldn’t leave me alone.  Her well child checks were ok except for high iron.  My other babies had low iron so I didn’t think much of it.  At about 18 months my gorgeous little Taylor, always a bundle of happy energy, started to sleep a lot.  She also lost her appetite.

On Friday I took her into her well child check-up.  I was expecting the doctor to give me some simple advice on how to get Taylor to eat more and that would be that.  He ordered an iron sample, and then did an abdominal exam.  He kept pushing and pushing, and then concentrated in one certain spot.  My stomach hit the floor at this point.  I knew something was not right.  He said that something was pushing her liver forward and he was going to send us to an ultrasound on Monday.

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