When can I expect my Crazy Faith Box to arrive?
The first week of every month, your freshly roasted Crazy Faith Coffee and story card will pack and ship out via USPS. Shipping can take 3-5 days. First time orders placed before the 20th of each month will be shipped upon ordering and then recurring shipment will pick up first week of the following month. Orders after the 20th will ship the first week of the following month.
When do I get billed?
First time orders are charged upon placing the order and then recurring subscriptions are charged on the 15th of each month.
Tell me about your beans?
We do our best to buy certified fair-trade, premium organic beans. All the beans we buy are responsibly grown and traded. Some farmers cannot afford to certify their beans as this is an expensive process. So we can confidently say all our beans are top quality and traded fairly though they all may not be labeled as such. We roast them fresh each month just before boxes ship. Only the beans that are C.S.A. (coffee snob approved) make the cut.
Will it always be the same?
NO WAY! We will always be excited to introduce to you a variety of beans from many coffee regions around the globe.
How do I stop my subscription?
Of course it will be heartbreaking to lose you, but simply log into your account and cancel your subscription from the dashboard. Still not sure? Email our customer service (hello@crazyfaithcoffee.com) anytime and we will be happy to assist you in cancellation.
I have a Crazy Faith Story, how do I share it?`
We would LOVE for you to share your crazy faith story with us. Simply email it to: stories@crayfaithcoffee.com. Please keep it to a maximum of 300 words. If your story is selected to be featured we will contact you. How exciting is that!
I want my church to brew Crazy Faith Coffee, can they do that?
YES!!! We offer 5 lb bags of our coffee and if you place your order by Tuesday, we will roast it fresh and ship it out in time for this Sunday’s service. Email: hello@crazyfaithcoffee.com - we’ll be delighted to help.
Could we host a night of Crazy Faith at our church?
We are willing to consider coming to your church for a night of coffee, stories and songs from our faith journey. Contact Chris Leader at: info@igniteoutreach.org
Can you do gift boxes for my for my employees or clients?
Absolutely! In fact, the Crazy Faith Box makes an amazing gift and it's a great way to share your faith without being "in your face". Contact us at hello@crazyfaithcoffee.com to get started.
What’s up with that crazy logo? What does that mean?
HAHA! Well, it's an airplane pulling a moving trailer. Impossible right? It represents taking an impossible journey in life, scaling mountains supernaturally by trusting in..."He who is able to do exceeding and abundantly more than all we've asked or imagined according to the power that is at work within us" BY…CRAZY FAITH!!!
Crazy Faith Coffee Co.