Everything Beautiful Eccl. 3:11

Our November stories feature the Ankerich Family. Be blessed as you see God’s story unfold for them.

Scott and I married in our hometown in 1986 and moved to the suburbs of Atlanta.  Our three oldest girls were born to us in the course of six years and two more babies went to heaven.

My heart yearned for more children.  Our oldest daughter’s pleading and God’s leading began our journey to adopt a little nine-month-old girl in China.  We thought she would be the perfect completion to our family.

Wow, how we sometimes short change God’s greater plans.  Each time we stepped out in faith for another child, God provided for us, and placed our child in our arms.  We thought each adoption was the last.  God would whisper,  “Trust Me, there is another.” We now have ten children, two married daughters with families, and two grandsons.

We chose a path of complete faith in the unknown, unpredictable, and immeasurable plans of God.  Even on our worst day, we would choose adoption again.  Sometimes we are called to hard things with no promise that life will turn out good, but in the hard we find the heart of Jesus.  He is worth it all and so are the lives of the ones He brings into our families.

It is the very heart of the Gospel.  God chose us for His family through Jesus.  We are children of the King.  So thankful for this amazing life where our children know Jesus and will have a life loving Him.  Isn’t that the reason we’re even on this earth?  You’ve been called!  Go!

The Ankerich Family


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