Aaron’s Story

Aaron’s story begins December 6, 2016 this is the day that I found out that my third son would be born with a severe heart defect. Although they could not tell me the specifics at the time, I would go on to learn that he would be born with half a heart. Just one single ventricle would be pumping blood to his whole body, while the ventricle that was supposed to pump the blood to his lungs and give him oxygen to breath was not there. There would be a series of three surgeries to help his heart work like a normal heart. The first surgery came when he was 6 days old. He did great, came out of it like a champ and we were on the fast track to going home. However, thanks to a brilliant doctor, that didn’t happen. Among all of Aaron’s problems was a valve in his heart that leaked. And that leaking valve caused us to stay at Children’s Hospital for 3 months until they felt like he was strong enough to do the second surgery. His second surgery was much more complex and life-threatening for him. There were a lot of complications and recovery took much longer than the first. Those were hard days, but I never questioned God about Aaron’s heart. I truly believe that God is in complete control and He loves us more than anything. He chose Aaron to have this heart, and he chose me to be Aaron’s Mommy. How can I question that? We spent 124 days in the hospital and God was so good to us while we were there. It is when you are in the midst of suffering that you must decide, are you going to run from God and blame Him or are you going to turn to God and trust Him. In my hardest moments there was nowhere else to go. God was the only thing that was sure and steadfast in my life in those days. He was holding me and my son and I knew that He would lead us through it. Aaron still has one more surgery. It will be in a few years when his heart needs it. After that there is a chance that he will need a heart transplant. I am giving him to God daily and trusting that He will do what is best in Aaron’s life. God’s love is sometimes very hard to understand, but if we could understand it then He wouldn’t be God.


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